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Quality & Certification

Quality & Certification

Solis Pharmaceuticals aims to provide trusted medicines that help people lead healthier lives. The company shares passion for quality that goes way beyond business and statutory requirements.Solis Pharmaceuticals has unmatchable standards and manufacture best quality products, satisfying all norms of regulatory bodies and qualifying International and National Audits.

Our working standards are based on the principle that the key to stay ahead in competition is ‘Quality’. The company believes that the product will rule the market only when it conforms to the quality requirement of the customer – first time and every time, meeting world-class standards.

Solis Pharmaceuticals commitment to implementing a robust, global quality management system is based upon the desire to sustain a culture of operational excellence. Meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations, including patients and Government regulators are the guiding pillars to company’s progression.

Solis Pharmaceuticals quality gyrates around ‘customer delight’. It is towards this end that the company believes in Total Quality Management.